Your daily horoscope: 15th September, 2022

Scroll down to know your horoscope today on September 15, 2022 as predicted by astrologer Pandit Jagannath Guruji.


Your partner will be the most supportive soul today so much so that you will thank your stars for meeting him/her. H/she will even save you from a situation at work in a surprising manner, taking away all the pent up stress.


An argument with your parents is foreseen and it will be about your love life. Work won’t add to your mental stress.


Your boss may become a pain because he/she will catch onto a silly mistake you made recently. Keep calm no matter what or else it will get ugly. Love life & health look just fine.


Health may be a cause of concern due to a sudden blackout, a checkup will be necessary. Your partner will be supportive and colleagues shall be understanding.


Your love life may suffer due to your work life but by the evening, you will strike a balance. Stress is indicated.


You will be under a lot of stress due to work and personal life but this too shall pass, so stay strong. Drink tulsi water.


Your financial status will see a boost directly or indirectly. Love life looks good. Don’t argue with your friend today.


This is a bad day to receive any kind of money from your friend who owes you some amount. If you do, it will ruin your day in some way. Love life and health look fine.


You are prone to a headache today which may get worse due to your eating habits. Drink cucumber water and try to spend time with your love interest, for your own good health.


Past issues may resurface in your personal life and this time your partner will be your anchor. Your boss will be sweet to you in a very surprising way. Don’t question this even in your head. Health looks fine because of all the supporters coming to save you today.


Lots of work will keep you busy. Love life will be calm and stable. A stomach ache is indicated.


Your day seems hectic but somehow you will manage. Your partner may argue with you but there will be a greater meaning behind that fight. Your back ache may be an issue.

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