Window AC installed in a Tata Punch! How it was done and why

A YouTuber has found an unconventional solution to beat the heat and cool down his car quickly.
FWS – FunWithScience has uploaded a video on their YouTube channel, showing a Tata Punch micro SUV being installed with a window AC! This is probably the first instance of someone having installed a full-size window AC in a car in India.
The YouTuber talks about the extreme hot outside temperatures where he lives, and how difficult he finds to get in his hot car when it’s parked under the sun for a while. He then goes on to reveal the BlueStar window AC that he installed in the boot of the Tata Punch before a comparison with the standard air conditioner of the car.

Window AC Tata Punch

Along with the AC unit, the batteries that power it and an inverter is also placed right next to it. The rear seat is folded down to to make space for the equipment. The YouTuber first uses the car’s air conditioner to see how long it takes to cool down the car. As per the video, it takes 20 minutes for the Tata Punch’s AC system to drop the in-car temperature by 10 degrees.
In order for the window AC in the car to work, the tailgate has to remain open in order to dissipate the hot air flowing out from the back of the unit. For the same reason, the car cannot be driven while the AC unit is switched on, and hence, it is parked in different locations as the video progresses, in order to gauge public response.

Window AC Tata Punch

While the experiment is not practical at all considering that you can’t drive the vehicle with the AC turned on, the video has garnered over 2 lakh views on YouTube.
Credits: FWS – FunWithScience (YouTube)

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