Watch: Hungry Elephant Plucking Jackfruit From Tree Has Gone Viral

The feeling of hunger often gets the best of us. We simply cannot help but focus on satiating our hunger pangs; everything other than this can wait! Turns out even animals are just like us humans when it comes to food cravings. We have often seen videos of animals which are showing their foodie traits. And this time, an elephant has gone viral for the same reason. Recently, a video showed how a hungry elephant was reaching out to pluck jackfruit from a tree. The video resonated with many and won hearts on the internet.

Take a look at the video that surfaced on Twitter:

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Shared by IAS officer Supriya Sahu, the video has already raked in 175k views and 7k likes. In the clip, we could see the hungry elephant reaching out for the jackfruits hanging on the highest branch of the tree. After quite some effort and hardwork, he finally got hold of the fruit! “Jackfruit is to Elephants what Mangoes are to humans.. and the applause by humans at the successful effort of this determined elephant to get to Jackfruits is absolutely heartwarming,” she wrote in her tweet.

Twitter users reacted to the video. Many of them were impressed with the elephant’s motivation and dedication. “What an effort,” wrote one user while another, “Wow… amazing how high it could reach!!” The fact that elephants love jackfruit also reminded people of their love for other fruits.

Take a look at the reactions: 

This is not the only animal video that has gone viral in the recent past. A couple of days back, a groundhog had gone viral for stealing a farmer’s crops. The funniest thing was that he actually ate them while sitting in front of the same farmer’s security camera!

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