Vitamin D3 and B12 deficiency is a silent epidemic; linked to your immune system, brain and hormonal health

Vitamins and minerals are essential for our body and overall wellness and there is absolutely no doubt about it. Still so, we often pay little to no attention to the level of nutrients in our body, do we?

Through a recent Instagram post by holistic lifestyle coach and author Luke Coutinho, we are reminded of the ‘silent epidemic’ that endangers our body in several ways, which is Vitamin D3 and B12 deficiency.

“In Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine, we invest time in identifying the root cause behind every symptom and disease. And there is one root cause that seems to be a commonality in almost every other person we consult. It is like a silent epidemic plaguing everyone, maybe you too. It’s deficiency of Vitamin D3 & B12,” says the lifestyle ambassador for Fit India Movement.

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According to him, many people tend to take these deficiencies lightly, because it has become so common.

He says, “In fact, every second patient we consult is running on critically low levels of these two vitamins. Levels of 3, 5, or 10 are dangerously low. A cumulative build-up of this deficiency can lead to innumerable problems.”

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