Tips That Cars And Bikes Must Follow To Reduce Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is one if the biggest issues that cities have to deal with. Heres what you can do to avoid noise pollution from personal vehicles.

Noise pollution is one of the toughest to deal problems of the urban civilization. We have managed to invent vehicles that carry us from one place to another, but that comes with a price. The fumes coming out of the exhaustsp of the vehicles, burning of fossil fuels, and noise from various parts of the vehicle, all contribute to pollution. Noise pollution from honking and other traffic noises has a great impact on our ears and the biodiversity around us. To mitigate noise pollution levels it is necessary to take the following steps:

  1. Pick Quieter Vehicles:


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There are some vehicles which have especially loud silencers. People also get the silencers removed at times. Such vehicles expose our ears to extremely loud noises. Continuous exposure to the loud noises can damage our ear-drums and impact our hearing. Hence, it is essential to pick a vehicle that does not create too much noise while moving. You can also opt to manually get some modifications done to make the vehicle even quieter.

  1. Pick Quieter Tyres


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It is possible to decipher which tyres would make less noise out on the road by looking at some of their features. When it comes to tyres, the air chamber inside the tyre is like a drum. When the tyres roll, the space causes a low-frequency hum. Quieter tyres have the following features:

  • Circumferential ribs that have straight grooves and better to reduce noise.
  • Diverse tread block shapes that create a multiple pitch pattern.
  • Blocks that are smaller in size. 
  • A reinforced shoulder to stabilize the tread blocks.
  • Small-sized hash marks inside the grooves that help in breaking up the air flow.
  • Narrower tyres are comparatively quieter.
  • Softer but sturdier material.  

  1. Avoid Honking


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Horns in the bikes and cars were added to improve the safety of the vehicle. They are used to alert the walkers that a vehicle is behind them. It is an addition that should only be used where necessary. However, many people keep honking without need. Such mindless honking adds to the already great amount of noise that the traffic is producing. Such noise can irritate the drivers, cause discomfort to sensitive people, babies and old people.

  1. Turn Off Your Vehicle’s Engine At Signal


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Stopping your vehicle and turning off its engine saves both fuel and unnecessary noise coming out of the vehicle’s engine. It also prevents you from honking and creating more noise. Hence, whenever you stop at a signal that is going to be red for long, make sure to turn off your vehicle and wait patiently.


Noise pollution, like other forms of pollution is adding to the imbalance in nature. We all have to take mitigating steps as individuals to keep our planet healthy. It is only then that we can lives happy and healthy lives as well.

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