These common skin issues might be due to COVID; know how to spot them

There are different types of the skin issues associated with COVID. In order to confirm whether a skin condition is related to COVID or not, one needs to understand the symptoms.

For example, one of the most common skin manifestations is COVID toes. So what does it look like? In this condition one or more toes or digits may swell and turn pink, red or purplish in color. In some cases, pus like liquid is also seen in the bumps. These bumps are usually sore but are not itchy. When the rash heals the skin on the bumps peels off leaving the active skin patchy and scaly.

Likewise, the eczema seen in COVID usually appears on the neck and on the chest region which is exposed to sunlight. These rashes are itchy and look pinkish or reddish. As per experts, people who do not have any history of skin disease can also develop this condition.

An oral rash will appear on the lips and sometimes it may lead to soreness in the mouth.

The American Academy of Dermatology Association says, a typical COVID rash would appear like a patchy rash, itchy bumps, blisters that look like chickenpox, round and pinpoint spots on the skin, large patch with several smaller ones, lace like pattern on the skin and flat/ raised bumps on the skin.

In a nutshell, the rashes which appear during, on or after a COVID infection are usually itchy and should not be ignored.

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