Sophia Grace addresses rumours of her and Rosie ‘not getting along’

Viral sensation Sophia Grace clears rumours that she and Rosie are not close anymore
Viral sensation Sophia Grace clears rumours that she and Rosie are not close anymore

Sophia Grace and Rosie were just eight and five years old, respectively, when they first appeared on The Ellen Show in 2011, performing their now-viral rendition of Nicki Minaj’s smash hit Superbass.

This was only the very beginning of the cousins’ child stardom, with Sophia Grace and Rosie not only going on to appear on the talk show several more times but also to attend awards shows.

Over the years, however, the duo have been faced with heaps of speculation surrounding the genuineness of their friendship. So, taking to her YouTube channel last week, Sophia sat down and addressed the gossip head-on.

Sophia went on to reveal that a common rumor she and Rosie face has to do with the state of their friendship.

Addressing a fan’s assumption that she doesn’t “really see Rosie,” Sophia Grace noted that she’s always faced with rumors that they’re not “as close” anymore and “don’t get along.”

“Me and Rosie have always been really close,” she said. “We’ve been like sisters literally since she was born.”

“Obviously when me and Rosie used to be in America together filming The Ellen Show we would obviously be with each other like every single day,” she said. “So yeah, we definitely used to see each other more.”

“Now that we’re older and we’re slightly different ages, we do different things, we see different people,” she went on. “So yeah, we definitely don’t see each other as much as we used to.”

However, Sophia Grace maintained that her and Rosie’s bond is still as close as ever. “But it doesn’t change how close we are and how much we care about each other,” she said.

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