Rujuta Diwekar Calls Sattu A Monsoon Superfood, Says You Must Include It In Your Diet

The nutritional requirements of our bodies change depending upon the seasons. That’s the reason why it’s important to savour certain food items during different times of the year. One such superfood that’s highly relished during summer, and even monsoon, happens to be sattu. It’s one desi food item majorly consumed by the people from the states like Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, and Uttar Pradesh. Sattu is a superfood and it benefits your body in many different ways. Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar started a series on Instagram under the title, “7 Monsoon Superfoods.” As a part of this, her first post is dedicated to sattu. She called it a monsoon superfood and discussed its health benefits.

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Rujuta first explained what is sattu?

As per her post, it’s a delicious, intelligent mix of chana dal, gehu (wheat) and rice flour (depending on the region you come from). She stated that it’s the stuff that nutrition love stories are made of. “#Plantbaseddiets as the USA likes to call it, sattu provides the body with minerals like calcium, vitamins like folic acid and essential amino acids like lysine,” adds Rujuta.

Here are the three main reasons why you must have sattu:

1) It reduces menstrual cramps and clots

2) Surprisingly, this food item also helps you get rid of the dark circles under your eyes

3) Sattu also helps in reducing pigmentation and hair loss

Rujuta also added a special note with the post

She stated that Teej, a festival celebrated during shravan, is rooted in the concept of sustainability. It’s the time of monsoon when a lot of communities don’t eat green leafy veggies like palak, etc., and also fish or meat. So, that’s the reason why sattu was invented to fulfill the body’s requirement for folic acid, amino acids and minerals.

She wrote, “Diversity is an inbuilt system in our society and culture and it’s time we own it with pride.”

Take a look:

Now, that you know how sattu can benefit your body, we hope you willingly include it in your diet. And if you are thinking of different ways to have sattu, we have got you covered. Take a look at five different sattu recipes.

1) Simple sattu drink

A simple yet delicious sattu drink helps you stay healthy. This drink is a basic cooler, also known for helping in the process of detoxification and weight loss. Take a glass of water and mix a tablespoon of sattu and lemon juice in it and drink up.

2) Sattu ka paratha

Here’s another interesting way to have sattu in your meals. Make some yummy sattu paratha at home and don’t forget to enjoy it with dollops of ghee, some pickle and chutney.

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3) Litti

This is one popular recipe from the state of Bihar. Litti is a lip-sacking food item prepared with whole wheat flour however, it’s stuffed with a drool-worthy mixture of sattu and other spices. It tastes amazing and we are sure you’ll love it.

4) Sattu ladoo

Craving sweets? If yes, then prepare these super healthy ladoos at home in just fifteen minutes. It’s always better to trust some desi, healthy recipes instead of gorging on unhealthy desserts, right? So, have these ladoos and satiate your sweet tooth.

5) Sattu cheela

If you are searching for some interesting breakfast recipes, this should be your go-to option for all things healthy. Sattu cheela makes for a powerful breakfast meal. These desi pancakes taste nice and fill your rumbling tummies.

Without much ado, just makes these drool-worthy treats at home and have a gala time with your family members this monsoon.

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