Queen Elizabeth will cede territory in Caribbean

Queen Elizabeth will cede territory in Caribbean

Queen Elizabeth’s  empire  is shrinking  with more and more nations announcing to remove her as head of state.

The British monarch, who recently completed 75 years on the throne,will be removed as the head of state in Jamaica as the island nation has “formally commenced” its separation from the British monarchy, according to UK’s Express News.

Marlene Malahoo Forte QC, a senior minister who leads the country’s Ministry of Legal and Constitutional Affairs, told the Kingston parliament the process would be completed in “stages” before the next election in 2025.

The publication reported that the separation process will involve several steps including a vote in the House and Senate of the Jamaican parliament and a referendum by the people

The report comes months after Prince William and Kate Middleton visited the Caribbean as part of Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Their visit also sparked protests in several places.

Last year, Barbados stopped pledging allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II as it shed another vestige of its colonial past and became a republic for the first time in history.

Several leaders, dignitaries and artists, including Prince Charles and singer Rihanna, attended the ceremony.

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