Old and unfit vehicles in Karnataka to hit scrapyard: Up to 80 lakh vehicles to be affected

The Karnataka government has decided to adopt the Vehicle Scrappage Policy 2021 that was released by the Centre back in August last year. The policy aims to phase out old and unfit vehicles plying on roads in a bid to reduce pollution by de-registering them and thereby scrapping them.
As per the transport department, out of the 2.8 crore vehicles registered in the state of Karnataka, 80 lakh vehicles are 15 years or older. Bengaluru alone has 1 crore of those vehicles, out of which 29 lakh have already crossed the 15-year mark as of March 2022. This move will help reduce vehicular pollution by phasing out unfit and polluting vehicles from the state.
The transport department will bring the policy before the state cabinet for approval before its implementation. The policy proposes to de-register private vehicles that are over 20 years old, and commercial vehicles that have crossed 15 years.
Transport commissioner THM Kumar revealed that Karnataka’s policy will cover private vehicles above 15 years old. “It’s for the individual states to stipulate rules and implement the policy. Private vehicles above 15 years old will also be covered. Once the policy is placed before the cabinet, we will divulge details like Motor Vehicle Tax incentives for vehicle owners buying new vehicles after getting rid of old ones at authorized centres,” he said.
TOI has also learnt that owners who voluntarily offer their vehicles for scrapping will get a rebate on the Motor Vehicle Tax for new vehicles upon presenting the scrapping certificate. The department will identify land to set up vehicle-scrapping facility centres across the state.

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