Man in Noida sets Mercedes-Benz SUV on fire for unpaid dues: Watch video

In a bizarre incident, a 40-year-old man was caught on a CCTV camera setting fire to a Mercedes-Benz SUV owned by a resident of Sadarpur village in Noida, for refusing to pay his dues. The video has gone viral on social media, and captures the exact moment that the miscreant gets off his motorcycle, pours an inflammable liquid over the parked car, and sets it ablaze before making a run.
Take a look at the video of the incident below –

The owner of the SUV had gotten renovation/repair work done at their home from Ranveer, the perpetrator, as per a statement from the police, However, Ayush, the owner of the car refused to pay the remaining balance, i.e. around Rs 2 lakh to Ranveer, which made him upset.
According to the police, Ranveer is a mason/tile vendor and had installed tiles at Ayush’s residence in Sadarpur. The total bill for the work came out to be Rs 5 lakh, out of which Rs 2.2 lakh was the remainder that Ayush allegedly refused to pay to Ranveer.
Meanwhile netizens had divided opinions about the incident, with many users on Twitter actually siding with the accused. The incident took place on Sunday morning, while Ranveer was taken into custody on Wednesday.

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