Mahindra ‘Born Electric’ latest teaser shows touchscreen of new electric SUVs

Less than two weeks away from the unveiling of its 5 new electric SUVs, Mahindra and Mahindra have yet again shared a teaser video of what the ’Born Electric’ range of SUVs could feature. This time the company has given us a glimpse into the kind of User Interface (UI) that Mahindra has developed for its latest generation of electric SUVs.

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From what can be made out from the teaser video, the ‘Born Electric’ UI will support multiple applications, navigation, music and mobile connectivity including Bluetooth. The UI also features two separate temperature controls on either side which can lead to the assumption that these electric SUVs will feature dual-zone climate control. The translucent graphic of the vehicle reveals a boxy and muscular body style and a progressive battery charge status graphic has also been teased.

Mahindra ‘Born Electric’ latest teaser gives glimpse into UI of electric SUVs

Another aspect of the UI was also spotted in the teaser video, earmarked as ‘Personalising’. The tab had several other options listed under it, namely, Adjusting Seat, Adjusting Climate, Setting Music Preference and Adjusting Ambient Colour. The UI also featured a cool graphic showing the recline angle and degree of the passenger seats.

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The ‘Born Electric’ SUVs have been developed by the Mahindra Advanced Design Europe (MADE) facility in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. The MADE programme IS being led by Mahindra Chief Designer, Pratap Bose. In total, 5 SUVs are expected to be unveiled on August 15 out of which the electric counterpart of the XUV 300, likely to be called the XUV 400, is expected to be launched in India first. Apart from that two coupe-like SUVS and a body style resembling the XUV 700 have been mildly teased as well.

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