Lexus Design Awards India 2023: Two finalists to receive prototype development fund this year!

Lexus india is currently hosting the sixth edition of the Lexus Design Awards India 2023 (LDAI) in the country. The goal of the competition is to offer a platform where designers get to showcase their talent and concepts for a better future. Lexus began accepting entries for LDAI on July 28 and will continue accepting them till September 28.
The LDAI is inviting entries under two main categories with nine sub-categories:
First main category is – Established Work (Client or Self-Commissioned)
Sub categories – Product Design, Furniture Design, Textile Design, Craft Work, Eco-Innovation, Lifestyle Accessory Design, Design for Social Impact.
Second main category is – Conceptual Work
Sub categories – Student Category, Open Category

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The judging committee of notable design experts will select one winner each from the ‘Established work’ category and six finalists from the ‘Conceptual work’ category based on a stringent & elaborate judging criteria. These finalists from the Conceptual work category will be given guidance by leading & eminent mentors in various design disciplines. The once-in-a-lifetime mentoring experience is at the heart of the LDAI.
After refining their work with their mentors, the finalists will have the opportunity to present their projects to the judging panel, who will then select a winner from each of these categories. For 2022, LDAI has announced that winners of the 2 conceptual categories will be awarded a prototype development fund to help them take their project from concept to reality. They also stand the chance to fly to Milan and experience the Lexus Design Event at Milan Design Week in Italy in 2023.
Naveen Soni, President, Lexus India said, “Lexus Design Award India is a great platform for design talents around the country, to showcase their originality while implementing solutions for a better tomorrow. We are elated to announce the Call for Entries for the sixth edition of the Lexus Design Award India and believe that this edition too will truly be remarkable with pioneering ideas that will contribute to our thriving society. We are eagerly looking forward to seeing what our participants have in store for us this year”.

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Up till now, LDAI has helped several designers in creating designs that help society. Such as the:
1. Life Box – A preservation box for human hearts to allow for increased travel time and distances.
2. UniCast- A resizable cast for healing fractures.
3. CleaneRat – An IoT powered sewer maintenance robot.
4. ACCUFILL- A device that provides a real-time reading of fuel being pumped into the vehicle tank.
5. Ice Heal- To treat sports injuries quickly
6. Samarth- A modular air purification system.

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