Keep Your Food Fresh With These 6 Refrigerator Organising Tips

Different seasons affect our foods differently. In the summer, vegetables and fruits kept for longer than two days go bad quickly. In monsoon, the humidity gets high, and in winters, it’s challenging to maintain the temperatures. Well, these are the problems that we face year-round. But if you know how to properly store your food items in the fridge or the freezer, your work instantly becomes easy! While some of us might just throw the food items inside the refrigerator, there are different ways to stack them. This ensures that your food stays fresh for a more extended time. So, if you also want to know how to store things properly in a fridge, check out our tips below:

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Here Are 6 Storing Tips To Keep Your Food Fresh In The Fridge

1. Top Shelf

The fridge’s top shelf is always to keep the things you will consume in a day or two. It is best to keep them in front of your eyes so you won’t forget about them. You can keep your leftovers, perishable items, yoghurt, and cut-out fruits and vegetables.

2. The Second Shelf

Here the idea is to store things that won’t go bad in just one day. So, you can keep milk, cheese, jars of masalas, jams, and more here. You can easily remember where you kept it and access the required things whenever needed.

3. Do Not Mix Vegetable And Meat Drawer Items

If you have vegetable and meat drawers in your fridge, do not mix the items together. The function of the drawers may sound the same, but the temperatures are different. One is at a cold temperature, and the other is to cut out the humidity. Moreover, if you mix them, then the smell of the two might combine and you eventually would have to throw them out.

4. Group Foods Together

In the fridge, keep foods that are similar together. When it’s time to prepare a grocery list, you’ll be able to see exactly what you have. It also means you’ll know where to look for a specific condiment. Items that are normally misplaced on a shelf can be gathered in your deep drawer bins.

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5. Eliminate Dripping Foods

Foods with higher moisture content often leak out. Line the fruit and vegetable bins with paper towels to prevent leaking. Any droplets will be easier to clean as a result. Goods prone to dripping, such as meat and poultry, should be placed on the bottom shelf, where they will cause the least damage to other foods.

6. Freezing Foods

The items that we need for longer go in the freezer. But other than that, if you want to preserve seasonal things like peas and more, you can always peel, wash and keep them in containers in the freezer. Then use whenever required!

So, remember these handy tips next time you organise your fridge!

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