Injured Leopard Hit By A Car On Highway; Barely Escapes Alive

The incident reportedly occurred in Chandanpuri ghat on Pune-Nashik highway (NH50).

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The leopard jumped above the walls and ran away after breaking free from under the car.

Videos of a gruesome incident have been making their rounds on social media where a leopard has been hit by a car on a highway. The incident reportedly took place on Chandanpuri ghat on the Pune-Nashik highway (NH50) in Maharashtra. After being hit by a Maruti Suzuki Celerio, the leopard was stuck under the front end of the car, and was caught between the broken front bumper and the pavement.

The leopard soon broke free once the hatchback reversed, and ran for its life jumping over the walls of the highway and into the forest. The leopard was badly bruised and visibly injured from the accident. Multiple celebrities tweeted this video too, asking the Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari to take action to avoid such incidents which put the wildlife as well as the citizens in danger.


Efforts to find and treat the injured leopard are reportedly being taken, however with many stretches of roads going through dense forests, a similar incident is bound to take place again sooner or later if precautionary actions aren’t taken. 

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