Indian man tenth in world with rarest blood group on the planet

Blood samples. — Pixabay
Blood samples. — Pixabay

Doctors in India have found a man from Gujarat with the rarest blood group in the world and the first-known case in India, reported India Times.

The unique blood group is called EMM negative blood type and it cannot be put into the existing categories of  A, B, O, or AB.

The man with this type is a 65-year-old heart patient.

Around the globe, only nine other people have the same type of blood. Such individuals can neither donate nor accept blood from anyone.

The man from Gujarat is the tenth person who has been identified with EMM negative blood. He was undergoing treatment after suffering from cardiac arrest.  

Sanmukh Joshi, a doctor at Samarpan Blood Donation Center, said that the patient needed blood for heart surgery.

After his blood type was found nowhere in the laboratories and blood banks, a sample was sent to America for investigation.

The findings revealed India’s first-ever case of the rarest blood group had been found.

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