In Dramatic Chase-And-Catch, Delhi Cop Stabbed But Arrests Snatcher

Both the cop and the arrested accused were taken to a hospital.

New Delhi:

In a chase-and-catch that ended with a tabbing and a gunshot, a cop from the ‘Hawk Eye’ team of Delhi Police caught an alleged snatcher despite suffering injuries in Bawana area today. The arrested man is accused in 30 cases of snatching, police said. 

Head Constable Chetan and Constable Pradeep were patrolling the area in a car when they got the information around 10.30 am that “a dangerous snatcher and his associate are in the area on motorcycle, carrying a knife”, said Outer Delhi police chief Brijendra Kumar Yadav.

The cops spotted the two of them — identified as Irfan and Rahul, both aged 24 — near a traffic roundabout in Sector 1 of Bawana. Their bike’s number-plates were covered with paper, police said. 

Head Constable Chetan blocked their way with the car as they tried to speed away, and the two men fell off their bike. Irshad stabbed Head Constable Chetan in his right shoulder and sought to scamper away, police said. The cop first warned him and then shot him in his legs with his service revolver, police added.

Rahul managed to run away despite a chase by Constable Pradeep. Irshad was overpowered and arrested. He and Rahul are residents of JJ Colony in the area. 

Police seized the bike and the knife. “Legal action is being taken,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police Brijendra Yadav. Both Irshad and the policeman were admitted to a hospital.

“Head Constable Chetan showed exemplary courage. He did not lose sense of the situation even after he was injured,” the DCP added.

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