How To Fix Car Glass Scratches At Home?

We must have faced situations of getting minor scratches on the window panels of the car, especially on the front and rear windscreens. In this article, we will be discussing a few easy remedies to deal with the removal of such scratches.

How are Car Glasses Made?

The car glasses, including the door glass panels and front and rear windscreens, are made up of laminated glass consisting of three layers. In these layers, a layer of vinyl is sandwiched between two layers of glass. All these layers are put together after being treated with extreme heat and pressure in a heated oven.


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Best Ways to Get Rid of Car Glass Scratches

Instead of opting for a decision to remove the glass panel altogether fearing a possible glass outbreak, it is better to resort to simple glass repairing solutions, especially for minor scratches. Following are a few remedies which you can opt for and do yourself at your home, without visiting a workshop:


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  • Using non-gel white toothpaste

    n this method, you need to first apply the toothpaste on a smooth cloth and rub that over the scratch in a circular motion for around a minute. Post that, wipe the toothpaste and the affected area with a clean and dry cloth.
  • Using clear nail polish

    Another home remedy to get rid of a shallow car glass scratch is using regular nail polish. In this method, all you need to do is apply a layer of nail polish directly to the scratch area and let it dry. Post that, wipe off the dried nail polish covered area with a clean and dry cloth.
  • Using a glass repair kit

    Available in most car accessory outlets, a glass repair kit is effective in removing scratches, which are prominent but not deep enough to break the glass panel altogether. It comes with a glass removal compound, which you need to apply first on the scratch. 

The cerium oxide in this compound enters into a chemical reaction with the glass, which helps seal the scratch. Leave this compound on the scratch idle for around half an hour, and then wipe it with a soft and clean cloth.

  • Using acrylic scratch remover


    Another component available at car accessory outlets, which effectively removes car glass scratches, is an acrylic scratch remover. Like the cerium oxide-based compound mentioned above, this scratch remover also fills the scratches after entering a chemical reaction with the glass. 

The process of using this scratch remover is the same as mentioned in the last part for the glass repair kit. Start with applying a small amount of remover on the affected area, rub the remover using a cloth for about a minute, let it remain idle for half an hour and then clean it using a soft cloth.


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