From Kulcha To Chole Bhature, 7 Street Food From Punjab You Must Try

Punjab, also known as the ‘land of five rivers’, is definitely one of the most beautiful states in India and for all the right reasons. From beautiful lush green landscape to rich heritage, culture and lip-smacking Punjabi food, a person can get anything and everything here. While talking about Punjabi cuisine, this cuisine has taken over the world by storm. Rich, creamy, buttery and extremely indulging, this cuisine has fans across the world. Picture this, you are roaming in the lush green streets of Punjab and exploring tiny eateries and dhabas, wouldn’t it be a dream come true for all the foodies out there? Well, if you ask us, we are fond of Punjabi cuisine and can savour the delicacies anytime without any complaints.

However, it’s not possible for us to visit Punjab to savour the lip-smacking treats every time we wish to enjoy them. So, here we bring you a list of 7 popular Punjabi street-style delicacies that you can make at the comfort of your own house. Can anything be better than this? We guess, nothing! So, without much ado, let’s get started with the recipes.

Here’s A List Of 7 Street Food Recipes From Punjab. Take A Look;

Amritsari Kulcha: (Our Recommendation)

Visiting Amritsar is incomplete without indulging in delicious Amritsari kulcha. Crunchy from outside, mushy from inside and loaded with butter, this recipe is a magical treat on the taste buds. Chole and pyaaz ki chutney alongside kulchas make for a treat that you won’t ever forget. Find the recipe here.


Chole Bhature

North Indians and chole bhature share a foodie bond which is unbreakable. Every weekend, most of us love to relish this combination, keeping all the ‘healthy’ thoughts aside. Find the recipe here.

Paneer Tikka

A vegetarian’s delight! A much-loved appetiser among all age groups, paneer tikka has marinated paneer cubes, skewered and grilled on a tandoor to give a range of flavours that are mouth-watering to say the least. Find the recipe here.

paneer tikka


Punjabis and lassi go hand in hand. A classic Punjabi lassi is thick, easy on palate and leaves a soothing after taste every single time. It is easy, fuss-free and needs just a few basic ingredients for preparation. Find the recipe here.


Dahi Bhalla

Crispy dal vada dunked in flavourful dahi mix with khatta-meetha chutney drizzled on it – dahi bhalla screams indulgence. Click here for the recipe.

Aloo Tikki Chaat

One of our most loved potato delicacies is aloo tikki. The crispy potato treat is a sensation across the streets of North India. Crunchy from outside and soft from inside, this ever-popular Punjabi style dish is served piping hot smeared in a mix of tangy coriander and tamarind chutney. Find the recipe here.


Amritsari Macchi

Chicken and mutton are more popular in Punjab but this fish recipe is no less. It is amazing in taste, and if it is made Amritsari-style, it is spicy and flavourful too. Find the complete recipe here.


Now that you know all the recipes, try them at home and let us know how they turned out! Happy Cooking!

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