Coronavirus: THIS ‘unusual’ stomach problem could indicate long COVID

In addition to explaining how long COVID leads to gut issues, Dr Ravindran also lists down some less common symptoms of long COVID. These include: disturbances to the menstrual cycle with earlier onset of menopause like symptoms in certain age groups of women, skin rashes that are often itchy and change colour and episodes of hair loss, as reported by

“A lot of these unusual symptoms can be understood better if viewed from the lens of the virus affecting the nervous system and immune system and impacting on them long term,” he said.

“So if the immune system is over activated by the virus and stays hypersensitive then it can cause skin issues like rashes and also contribute to hair loss.

“In some patients, there is a suggestion that they may have some histamine intolerance due to mast cells (a form of immune cells) not working. So treatment with simple antihistamines can be of help.

“If the hormone system in the brain is affected by the virus then that impact can affect the female hormone release causing the menstrual irregularities reported,” adds the doctor.

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