Chhattisgarh Man Denied Bowl, Spoon At Samosa Shop; Calls CM Helpline

We all love having our meals in a particular way. Some enjoy having it with hands, some eat their meals with spoon. Then there are some, who enjoy a proper dining setup every single time. But, it seems a man from Chhattisgarh has gone way too serious with his eating habits. He directly called at Chhattisgarh Chief Minister’s helpline number to complain against an eatery. Yes, you heard us. The story began at a samosa place near Chhatarpur bus stand. As per reports doing the rounds on the internet, the man, identified as Vansh Bahadur, went to the samosa place to get breakfast for himself.

Along with the samosas, he asked for bowl and spoon. And when he was denied, the man instantly dialed Chief Minister’s helpline number and registered a complaint against the eatery. As per the complaint, the person who packs samosas at the eatery did not give Vansh Bahadur spoon and bowl along with the food. So, the complainant wants the problem to be resolved “as soon as possible”.

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Reports on multiple media outlets read that the complaint was accepted and registered with the helpline on August 30. But, later on September 5, 2022, it was closed stating, “The complaint has been disposed of due to the complaint/suggestion you have filed online on the CM Helpline Portal.”

In no time, the news grabbed attention online and people shared the story and had good laugh over it.

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