Best MotoGP Tracks

  1. Austria-Red Bull Ring

This Austrian track is 2.7 miles long, yet it manages to cram plenty of adrenaline through every short lap. With three straights in a row separated by severe brake zones, this is a circuit where you may switch positions as much as you like as long as you stay neat out of the turns. Because of the extended run to the finish line, this track gives an excellent chance to steal the win from the competitors until the final second.


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  1. Spain–Catalunya

The track is also known as “The Circuit De Barcelona-Catalunya”. It isn’t very popular with Formula one spectators, but it’s ideal for MotoGP’s diverse bike racing. It’s another circuit that allows fighting the opponents entirely around the track, with a track broad enough to run beside each other through all but the sharpest bends. 


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  1. Portugal–Portimao

Portimao, one of the newest additions to the MotoGP schedule, has a demanding layout with sweeping bends and variable elevation, making braking for some sections problematic because the best braking spot is typically near or on the summit of a hill when the bike is weakest and least stable. However, if the challenging elevation changes and the speed is maintained through several medium and high-speed turns, there are high chances of dominating the opponents at this circuit.            

  1. The Netherlands–Assen

Assen is one of the most well-known courses on the calendar. Despite what appears to be a relatively simple layout compared to the other circuits on offer, Assen is a circuit that can and will put any rider’s talent to the test. The challenging road course, which even the finest motorcycles in the game have trouble navigating, is the most crucial aspect to be mindful of on this course. It’s also right before the finish line; thus, mastering it might be the difference between success and failure in this course.


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  1. Germany–Sachsenring 

Depending on the racer’s position, the Sachsenring can seem like one of the quickest circuits or most challenging. This track is full of many twists and turns. Its unusual structure, which almost divides into two halves, makes getting the arrangement quite tricky. Most racers choose a configuration that will get them through the circuit and then depend on their ability to complete the task, and there isn’t a better way to go about it.

  1. United Kingdom–Silverstone

With its sweeping bends and high-speed straights, Silverstone has produced thrilling races ever since. One has to be courageous on the brakes and prepared to turn in at high velocities when approaching the bends to keep that legacy going in the game. This track is another broad circuit. Side-by-side racing is nearly always an option; the only issue is being courageous and accurate enough not to collide while speeding through the legendary course’s bends.


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