Are You Feeling Washed Out Post COVID? Rujuta Diwekar Shares Effective Tips

COVID doesn’t seem to leave our lives anytime soon. Well, what’s even more annoying is the elongated period of feeling tired and weak even after the disease. It is commonly known as post-COVID fatigue. And during such times, it becomes all the more important to take care of the health and eat appropriate food that will help in the recovery phase. So, if you are feeling washed out post-COVID, nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has some food tips for you. She has shared a post on Instagram mentioning the tips. 

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Here Are Post Covid Tips

1) Nimbu sherbet with a little black pepper

 It is believed that when lemon juice is mixed with black pepper and salt, it can benefit the body in many ways. So, if you are dealing with post-COVID fatigue, have a glass of lemon sherbat with a hint of black pepper.

2) Steaming hot dal with rice and a dollop of ghee

 Rujuta stated that the best lunch for you would be enjoying a steaming hot dal with rice and don’t forget to put ghee on top. This comfort meal will accelerate your recovery.  

3) Banana:

The nutritionist has advised having a banana right during the start of the day or after your meal. She explained that bananas will maintain your electrolyte balance, boost your energy levels and it’ll improve your digestion.

4) Workout at 50% lesser intensity:

How much ever you feel happy and excited to get back on track after COVID, you need to slow down initially. Do not rush and exert yourself. Maybe you can resume your workout routine slowly with less intense exercises.

5) Prioritise sleep, rest and recovery:

Take proper sleep and focus on your health. Resting enough is important for recovery.   

Take a look:

Previously, Rujuta Diwekar shared food tips to beat the heat in the summer season. There are some food items that help deal with the same. She has suggested that you must have local fruit mid-morning. Fruits are tasty and healthy. Her second tip was about relishing dahi rice for lunch. Dahi is prebiotic, probiotic, and postbiotic food. Dahi and rice together not only taste amazing and make you feel good but also help in bringing back your appetite. Also, don’t forget to have gulkand water at bedtime. It will reduce pain in your legs and reduce eye fatigue. She also talked about various health problems that may affect you when the temperature rises. Acidity, bloating, headache, fatigue and indigestion are some of the common issues faced by people in summer.  

Take care of your health and don’t forget to follow the tips.

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