Anushka Sharma’s monokini to Radhika Madan’s cutout swimsuit: Hottest beachwear to pack for your next holiday

There is nothing better than a relaxing holiday at the beach. And considering we are in the social media era, some clicks for the online space are a must. While we need to keep our fashion game up for the digital stratosphere, packing light is equally crucial. So here’s how you can style up your beachwear so it looks like a new piece of clothing every time you wear it.

Orange is the new black

The colour has always represented sunshine and is the perfect pick for a day at the beach just like Anushka Sharma. As you soak some sun on a holiday, this coverup can be an all-in-one asset for you. Wear it over a swimsuit or a bikini to the beach. Or pair it with shorts and some chunky jewellery for a casual sightseeing day. You can amp it up to a night time look with wrapping it across over a black dress.

Experimental swimwear

A single tone bikini can be a versatile piece of clothing that can be teamed with high waist pants or skirts or even shorts. Radhika Madan teamed this cutout swimsuit with a leather skirt in a contrasting hue. You can go for contrasting colours or metallics for a glam look or pair it with a neural hue coverup. Layer it with a printed sarong to add a pop of colour.

Print fantasy

Prints are a girl’s best friend, and for a resort look they can be the perfect match. Pair them over white shirts, oxidised jewellery- just like Amyra Dastur- or even dopamine jewels to let them stand out. Smaller prints like these work for petite frame bodies and can be accelerated with jewellery and funky footwear.

Nothing better than a white cover up

Just like Sanam Ratansi, a white coverup is a must-have in your beach travel plan. It is versatile – goes with anything and everything – and has the ability to make any look shine. You can go the monotone route and keep it classic. If you have a petite frame or a pear-shaped body then a monotone look works the best.

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Rise and shine at the beach

Metallics are subtle yet an impactful fashion element. You can tone down the look with solid-colour high waist pants or high waist denims. To switch to a party look, team it with a metallic skirt or a sequined one. Adding a coverup in a basic hue and a hat can make it a perfect pick for a relaxing day at the beach.

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