8 qualities unique to August born kids

The 8th month of the year, August, holds immense significance. People born in this month come under two zodiac signs, Leo and Virgo. Those born between July 23 and August 21 are considered Leos, whereas those born between August 19 and 23 are said to be Virgos.

Famous people like Kobe Bryant, Michael Jackson, Barack Obama, Neil Armstrong, and Usain Bolt were born in August.

There are certain traits typical to August born people and these traits make them distinct from the others.

These are strong willed individuals

Leos and Virgos, do you want more hints on why these are strong willed! Their confidence is their attire. They wear it without a wrinkle, intact and in place. The confidence exuded by an August born will outshine everyone else in the room. So, if you see someone with extraordinary confidence you can be assured that he or she is an August born.

They are highly organised

Nothing can ever be out of order when there is an August born in sight. These people are known to have high organisational skills. Apart from confidence, this trait in these individuals makes them unique from others. Be it their wardrobe or their bookshelf, you can never find anything out of order.

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They are practical

You can always learn a thing or two about practical approaches towards life from these people. They are good influencers and can always motivate you to look at life from a more practical point of view rather than being emotional.

They are good leaders

Sometimes they love being the leader and sometimes they love being the rule maker. So, either way August borns love being at the front. They like being among people as a leader. A downside to this is they dislike following rules set by others. Fond of being the rule maker, they seldom like being a follower.

Stubbornness can be a negative trait

As mentioned above, August borns are not used to being followers. Their obstinacy to always be at the front might drive the hidden stubborn nature in them. As a result of which they might tend to do many such things, the consequences of which they are oblivious of.

Sometimes they prefer being alone

While solitude is a good thing, it might sour your relationships. For a person who is too sociable, getting into solitude without any explanation can be a problem. These people do not easily open up to others.

They have high expectations and standards

Unlike others, August born people are difficult to impress because of the high expectations and standards they have set for themselves. To onlookers it might seem a good trait, but the harsh reality is this trait will leave such people with only few people to be in contact with. The scope of having a big circle of good and close friends shrinks with this trait.

They are positive motivators

Need someone to pull you out of a difficult situation? An August born individual will be the person for this. Being a good motivator is a quality unique to these individuals.

Bonus point: They are likely to be tall

Some reports claim that August born individuals grow up to be tall. The reports are based on a research study done in the UK, according to which babies born in summer months are likely to have a greater birth weight and these babies tended to be taller when they grew up as adults. Experts have linked this with the amount of vitamin D in moms.

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