7 Buffet Restaurants In Delhi-NCR That Will Offer You A Delicious Feast

Whenever we think of eating outside, we usually order a typical meal from our favourite restaurants. For some, it could be the Indian nibbles, and others might opt for the Chinese dishes or pasta and pizza. But every once in a while, we want to splurge and dig into all kinds of dishes. For those days, nothing is better than a buffet! Buffets give you a lot of options to try. And if you are looking to spend some quality and fun time with your family or friends, buffets are the best place to go. So, if you wish to go out this weekend, check out these restaurants serving a buffet.

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Here Are 7 Buffet Restaurants

1. Food Exchange At Novotel

Tucked in Aerocity, Food Exchange is an amazing place to visit. They recently introduced a new buffet menu that will leave you drooling at the sight of it. They have options from Indian cuisine to Thai, Chinese, and Continental. You will even find a range of salads and bread on the menu. The cost is approx. INR 1,650.

2. Gulati Restaurant

Gulati restaurant is one of the oldest Delhi restaurants on Pandara Road. Many people have been going there for generations. The restaurant offers a lunch buffet menu with lots of Indian curries, sabzis, biryanis, bread, and salads. The cost is approx. INR 929

3. The Pavillion At ITC Maurya

Their buffet has a lavish spread of Indian, Chinese, and European cuisines. With a large choice of things, you would surely want to devour all the items. The buffet is available for both lunch and dinner. The cost is around INR 3,800.

4. Barbeque Nation

We all have heard of Barbeque Nation. It has various outlets across Delhi and NCR. With a range of things on their menu, the food will surely leave you spoilt for choice. Plus, with their live counter experience, you will be asking for more. The cost is around INR 1,800.

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5. GT Road

Nestled in CP, GT road is a fantastic restaurant offering you a live grill experience. The grill is set inside your table, and you get a variety of veg, and non-veg options. Along with this, their buffet also has tons of Indian food with a choice of desserts. It will cost you around INR 1,250.

6. The Great Kebab Factory

This restaurant offers authentic and delicious Mughlai food. If you are a fan of rich and traditional dishes, you cannot miss out on their buffet. You can also choose to have a range of drinks from their menu. The cost will be approx. INR 2000.

7. Pirates Of The Grill

Another place that has a barbeque-like concept is Pirates Of The Grill. You will find a range of kebabs, Indian curries, smoky tikkas, and much more on their lip-smacking menu. Plus, their brightly lit ambiance is also Instagram-worthy. The buffet costs approx. INR 1,500.

So, the next time you are looking to go out for a buffet, choose from these restaurants.

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