5 Pre-Monsoon Checklist For Your Car

Monsoon is equal to havoc for cars and their owners. This monsoon season, prep your car beforehand so that youre ready for those long road adventures!

The rainy season can be the most devastating few months of the year. Driving through this season requires cautiousness and for your vehicle to be in the best condition. Imagine the vipers not working while it’s raining cats and dogs? If you don’t want yourself and your vehicle to get into trouble this monsoon, it’s time to start with a pre-monsoon car prep checklist. Are you confused about where to start? This article covers everything you’ll need to know about prepping your vehicle for this season!

Patch The Headlights

With time, you’ll notice that the headlights in your vehicle develop small gaps and holes due to wear and tear. These tiny holes can become the pathway for rainwater to enter the headlights and damage them. So before the monsoon approaches, inspect the car’s headlights. If there are any spaces, replace the headlights or patch them with an adhesive.


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Fix Any Holes in Exhaust

One of the annoying things about exhaust systems in cars is that they are highly prone to rust. This rust can eat up the structure and leave the exhaust with several holes. The situation of rusting can worsen during the monsoon season. Moreover, the corroded exhaust system is easily exposed to rainwater. If the rainwater enters the exhaust system, it can further erode the inner surfaces.

Check The Doors

Over time, the rubber on car doors can loosen and give you trouble while closing the door. If the door doesn’t close properly, it leaves space for the rainwater to enter the cabin. The rainwater can spoil and damage the sensitive parts in the car’s interior. Before the rainy season arrives, inspect the doors and ensure that the rubbers are intact.


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Water In The Brakes?

One of the worst problems drivers face during the monsoon is water entering the brakes while driving during rain. During such instances, a small amount of water can get trapped in the brake pads. Ultimately, this deposited water can deteriorate the braking performance. During monsoon, dirt and water can easily collect around the brake pads. We highly recommend getting the brake pads cleaned and serviced once every two to three weeks.

Finally, Wiper Check!

Wipers are essential to ensuring a safe driving experience during the monsoon season. Without wipers, it is not safe to hit the roads when it’s raining. Due to their extensive use, wipers can wear down over time. Moreover, the water nozzles on the wipers can also get clogged. One of the critical pre-monsoon checklist tasks for your car should include inspecting and replacing worn-out wipers.


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With this monsoon checklist, every car owner can finally take a breath of relief. Monsoon can sometimes wreak devastation on cars, but if you’re ready, you’ve nothing to worry about!

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