5 Of The Best Bakeries In Kolkata To Treat Your Sweet Tooth

There’s something so addictive about the aroma of a freshly baked cake; isn’t it? Every time we step into a cake shop, the colourful batches of pastries and cookies grab all our attention instantly. In fact, the very sight of these delicious treats is enough to cheer us at any given point. If you feel the same, then you know how important it is to have a good bakery in the locality. Considering this, we curated a list of some of our favourite bakeshops in Kolkata that not only satisfy our soul and palate, but also introduce you to a slice of the history the city nestles. Let us take you through.      

Here Are 5 Bakeries In Kolkata That You Must Visit:

JW Bakery:

JW Bakery, situated in JW Marriott Kolkata, offers you some special treats, masterfully crafted by in-house Executive Pastry Chef Bhaskar Chakroborty. The menu boasts an amalgamation of the traditional patisserie and fresh bakes with premium quality and taste. This, hence, helps create a heavenly experience for the patrons. From tarts to pies and the classic muffins – the patisserie has it all. It also offers artisanal bread loafs, that are fresh, flavourful and tailor-made, keeping the local palate in mind. We tried ‘JW Signature Hazelnut Praline’, ‘JW Signature Chocolate Cake’, ‘JW Signature Chocolate Pastry’ and ‘JW Signature Gondhoraj Lemon Pastry’ – each of which were fresh, delicious, and crafted skillfully with utmost perfection. And yes, do not forget to try their ‘Signature Brioche Loaf’, ‘Baguette’ and ‘Focaccia’.

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Nahoums And Sons:

Established in 1902, Nahoums is deemed to be the last-standing Jewish bakery in the city. It is situated in the New Market area (in Esplanade) and gives you the ultimate culture trip on the very first sight. With the basic construction, glass windows and vintage set up, the place oozes old-world charm and remains a hit among every food lover in Kolkata. We suggest, try their classic brownies, rum balls and ginger/butter cookies – each of these food items are sure to evoke nostalgia in all.


Another historical cake shop in town is Flury’s. This place was situated in 1927 and stands tall ever since. For decades, Flury’s has been satisfying its patrons with delicious pastries, classic breakfasts and great ambience. Although you will find Flury’s outlets across the city, we suggest start exploring the patisserie (and tearoom) with its oldest outlet, situated at Park Street. We suggest, have their chocolate cubes, almond cubes and continental breakfast platter.

Kookie Jar:

Ask any 90s kid, Kookie Jar defines comfort for them. It was established in 1985 and started as a small bakery at Rawdon Street in Kolkata. Today it has around five outlets across the city (Rawdon Street, Hindustan Park, City Centre, Kasba and Alipore) and offers some of the classic cakes, cookies and pastries you can think of. We suggest, have their mixed berry tarts, classic chocolate pyramids and popular cheese straws that instantly tug at heartstrings.

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The Rouge:

Situated in South Kolkata, this fairly-new cake shop has already won many hearts with its delicious cupcakes. Alongside, it also offers you a cosy ambience, with colourful walls and flowers printed all over. The place is fresh, new and is of course every dessert lover’s destination. We suggest, try their madeleines too.

Now that you got a fair idea about the amazing bakeries and patisseries in town, we suggest, try each of these places on your next visit to Kolkata. And do let us know which of these above places you liked the most.

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